“Tracy Cruz puts her humanity of display on this three part EP, and in doing so she also showcases her strength as a vocalist, and lyricist as well as a person. Recommended.” -Howard Dukes,

“San Jose soul singer Tracy Cruz knows all about heartbreak, but she’s not letting hard times define her music. Possessing a gloriously rich voice and deep feel for the rhythmic syntax of African-American music from jazz to hip-hop, she sees her music as a vehicle for emotional revelations, good, bad, and ugly.” -Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

Tracy describes “Losing In Love” as a “very intimate piano and vocal music collection filled with heartfelt lyrics and soulful arrangements.” We couldn’t agree more here at GFM HQ and we respect when an artist has the wherewithal to removal all the potential pretense and present music with only a few core elements. Not everyone is built for that kind of work.” -Ivan Orr,

“Tracy Cruz artistry does shine through across the trilogy. She is sleek and velvety, but never afraid to be vulnerable.” TheHouseThatSoulBuilt (London) “My H3art Says To You", which you already hear, should be a tribute to the D'Angelo and with a clear Rhythm & Blues soul Can give pleasure. On top of that there is fire from the horn section, a very fine piano solo from the jazz club next door and, of course, a very solid lecture by the lady herself. We look forward to more of this.” -Joergg Schmitt, Sonic Soul Reviews (Germany, translated)

“As a child, R&B artist Tracy Cruz listened to her family sing in their native Tagalog and groove to the sounds of popular American soul. Now, Tracy uses her impressive vocal range to share captivating songs of passion, heartbreak and hope.” -Gabriella Bulgarelli & Anita Rao, WUNC 91.5 FM (North Carolina)

"Singer/songwriter Tracy Cruz uses her latest release to literally pour out her heart, recognizing the mistakes made in a previous relationship. The track is seven minutes of melodious yet melancholy goodness, most of which is instrumental, sending listeners into deep thought on how they may have treated the lovers of their past.” -Karima Kendall,

“Her latest single is draped in a translucent shroud of smooth classic soul tones with jazzy hues. The alluring percussion, beguiling keys and a sexy sax solo coalesce into an enchanted soundscape. Lyrically inspirational, her seductive and creamy, yet powerful vocals make it charming and relatable and add a bewitching quality to this refreshing melodious beauty, which is hard to resist.” -Jansen’s Jamz

“What happens when a multi award winning California Bay Area vocalist who has opened for Pete Escovedo and Bilal and a Grammy nominated producer connect to form a striking collaboration? The answer lies in the teamwork of Tracy Cruzand Brandon Williams for Cruz’s second in a trilogy of EP’s that express the transition of heartbreak and the moving on afterwards.” -JaSupreme,